Welcome to the

Point Roberts Ham Radio Club



The Point Roberts community has some unique community service needs that could be served by an active, engaged, skilled, practiced group of radio amateurs ready to provide local, regional, and long-distance communication services. This club aspires to serve and resource these community members as they develop their ability to maintain the community's communication needs in case commonly-used communications infrastructure becomes insufficient or fails. The club also hopes to help its members in their technical endeavours as they pursue their hobby of technical innovation in the field of radio communication. The club's technical focus may emphasize topics of special interest in our area.


PRHRC is not the same as or a substitute for PRACS. The Point Roberts Auxiliary Communication Service, a subsidiary group of Point Roberts Emergency Preparedness, trains community members in disaster response which includes helping them earn ham radio licenses. PRACS also maintains the Point Roberts UHF repeater on 433.3 MHz (+5 MHz uplink, 100 Hz CTCSS) which facilitates local communication and communication between Point Roberts and nearby communities in western Whatcom county and elsewhere. It is expected that many people will be members of both organizations. The organizers hope that PRHRC will be able to add to the resource that PRACS has already developed.


PRHRC is in the forming stage. We invite members of the community to convene to help form the club's mission and bring energy, dedication, technical expertise, organizational skills, and enthusiasm to fulfill that mission.


Some potential projects and activities are:

         Develop Point Roberts' hams' regional and long-distance emergency communication infrastructure and skills

         Participate in events to test and practice long distance communication skills and equipment

         Explore correlation between radio propagation and earthquakes to determine whether a link between the two might help forecast earthquakes

         Develop an open, distributed system of ground motion sensors that can provide a few seconds' warning of the arrival of an earthquake seismic wave to those not at the epicenter of an earthquake but close enough to be directly affected

         Develop antennas suitable for use in tall fir and cedar trees without damaging or harming the tree

         Collaborate with nearby ham radio groups on projects of mutual interest

         Help each other set up our radio station equipment and antennas

         Help each other learn about the many facets of radio communication

         Help each other build, repair, and restore amateur radio equipment

         Inform Point Roberts community members about the ham radio hobby

         Provide classes and license exam services to the Point Roberts community


Please email contact at prhrcx dot org if interested in participating! Remove the x from the domain name and include Ham (without capitalization) in the subject line.


Updated Nov 16 2017